How can I help my staff get unstuck?

Most people have a tendency to go into details of a problem during discussions.  This will not help the troubled.  The more we focus on the problem the less can one find solution.  The working memory in our brain, unknown to many, has very limited capacity.  If we use up all the capacity in focusing on problems where will there be any space left to think of solution? Read the rest of this entry


How can I get my staff to accept new changes?

Managing change is all about people.  You cannot get people to change just by telling them to.  They have to recognize and internalized this need.  Start with sharing a compelling story why there is a need for the change, draw them a vivid picture of the vision that they can “see” and “feel” and help them translate this for their understanding by asking them questions. Read the rest of this entry

One of my staff is always late for work. Penalties are effective but short-lived. What else can I do?

Negative reinforcement does not help to change habits as you have realised.  The best way to help someone change is to get the person involved commit to change.  You could try this:

  1. Ask them how they feel when they are late for work.
  2. What are the benefits they could derive from being early?
  3. Ask them how they feel when they get these benefits and how important these benefits are to them.
  4. Ask if they would like to change their habits for these benefits.
  5. Ask how you may help or support them in the change process.
  6. Help them to set a goal with a specific time period.

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Do I need to get a coach who is an expert in the area of focus?

While there are similarities between a coach and a mentor, this is one big thing that differentiates.  Mentors share their experiences and the wisdom they have gained while coaches guide their clients through a thinking process toward attaining a set of goals.  So which is better you may ask?  The answer is, it depends.

You may not want a mentor if you are an expert in your field but are just suffering from mental blocks.  Working with a coach helps to clear out the clutter in the head but with a mentor in such a circumstance may just add to the confusion. Read the rest of this entry

My daughter is a teenager and can’t concentrate in her study. How do I coach her?

A lot of times we lack concentration because there is no focus.  You might want to start by pricking her interest by taking the Passion Test.  You can find it online at for free.  The Passion Test allows her to detail what she wants in life, and thus enables her to articulate her vision. Read the rest of this entry

In my work, I need to coach a team who are underperforming and work complacently in the past 3 – 5 years. How can I motivate and change their ‘complacencies’?

No two brains are alike and it is well stated in the proverb, “One man’s meat and another’s poison”.  To coach a team, you will need to work on two parallels – the team and the individual.

  • State and get consensus on the desired work ethics.
  • Work with the team on an achievable short-term goal (over a period in months), both for the team and the individual.
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I observe my colleague who does not comply to the work standards. What do I have to do to help her do the ‘right’ way?

You cannot coach someone who does not want to be coached.  However, you could use coaching conversations to start the communication process.  Be aware of the 5 areas mentioned in my previous postStatus, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness.  It is important that the person you are talking to feel “safe”. Read the rest of this entry

I am a supervisor and I have to give performance review for my staff. What and how do I prepare for it?

A very good question.  It must be recognized that every employee is different and therefore there is no such thing as one-size fits all.

Firstly, gather as much information of each employee and before speaking to them, clear your mind of any prejudice, stay open and objective then make the LIST.

  • Look out for areas of acknowledgement – strengths: skills, attitude, etc.
  • Propositions where appropriate
  • Expectation alignment, if appropriate

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How do I approach my boss who is supposed to be my coach at work?

If your boss is not coaching you or if you do not feel as if you are coached, it is probably because your boss does not know how to coach.  The best way is probably tell your boss that you need coaching and be specific in the areas you wish to be coached and the results you want to achieve.  Having a specific goal for coaching and how it would benefit the company would certainly help to convince your boss. Read the rest of this entry

I am worried that a coach might think I am stupid

Concerned about what others think of you is probably the #1 killer in anyone’s self depreciating thought and that stops people from growing.  Until we are able to let go of what people think of you, you will be limiting yourself.

A good coach will stay neutral and often is most encouraging.  More often than not coaches believe you have more potential in you than you give yourself credit for.  They are there to help and not belittle you.  If you do not feel that the coach is giving you the support you need, go find another coach.  He/She is just not the right coach for you. Read the rest of this entry